Omame Investments

Omame Investments is a holding company that owns investments in diversified portfolios to achieve its investments’ objective. The portfolio of investments span across partnerships in Private Equity businesses, Gaming and Betting and Facilities Management. The company represents a broad shareholder base of black women who have demonstrated strong entrepreneurial capabilities and passion for enriching lives.
Omame’s value as a business comes in their ability to have a clear strategic focus, good relations with credible financial institutions thus enabling access to finance and skills. Lastly human assets and their management experience spans over 15 years which gives them access to various in-house knowledge, skills and experience.

To achieve value propositions, Omame uphold the following values as a business:

  • Innovation and Creativity in both problem solving and finding new markets.
  • Self-driven mentality with passion for work and its ethics.
  • Win – win approach in business interactions.
  • Achieving excellence in all spheres of dealings.


Ata Capital

Ata Capital is a majority black-owned fund management company established in February 2012 to carry out the business of attracting and managing private and institutional investor capital.

Ata Capital invests in non-traditional, alternative asset classes and follows a growth approach that:

  • Identifies deep-value market opportunities;
  • Identifies the relevant skills required to exploit such opportunities; and
  • Builds an appropriate fund strategy.

Ata Capital offers a seasoned investment team with combined experience in deal origination, execution and management. The team combines skills in Structured Finance, Acquisition Finance, Corporate Finance, Fund Management and Corporate Governance.